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Currently active with Tokyo as the base, this artist originates from Amami Oshima. A mother of one, she underwent a career transition in 2021.

Primarily utilizing an iPad, she consistently seeks to create pleasant and enjoyable lines in her artwork. Her pieces include 'SHIScell,' which depicts the interconnectedness of cells as they support and give rise to new entities; 'piyopiyop,' a shadowy figure laden with the hope for a day when people can liberally enjoy their favorite fashion without constraints like culture and religion; and 'Hand in Hand,' portraying a world where hands interlock and assist each other.



主にiPadを使用し、常に心地よい線・楽しい線を模索し描いている。作品には、細胞たちが自由に繋がり支え合い新たなものを生み出す様子を描いた作品「SHIScell」や、文化・宗教などが理由で自分の好きなおしゃれが自由に楽しめないこと人達が解放される日がくるよう願いを込めた影人間「piyopiyop」、手と手を取り合い助け合う世界を描いた「Hand in Hand」などがある。

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